My Archive

Church Missionary Society Periodicals features My Archive and My Lightbox, where you can save documents and images from multiple search sessions, making your research experience more rewarding.

You will need to register to enjoy the benefits of using My Archive. See the 'My Archive' section to log in or register, which is always accessible in the top right-hand corner of the header.

Here’s how you can use My Archive to enhance your online research:

Screenshot of a documents search result page, with a red circle highlighting the 'Save search to My Archive' button to the top left of the screen. This allows users to save searches to My Archive so you can continue to research between sessions, not matter where you are.


Screenshot of My Archive main page. Displays the buttons in the header bar where users can login to or access My Archive and My Lightbox. Shows list of saved searches and how users can click on them to see a search result. Also shows documents saved in My Bookshelf, and how users can click on a thumbnail to access the saved documents.


Screenshot of My Lightbox main page. Users can select images using the tick box next to the image title. Users can create a new lightbox using the 'Enter lightbox name' box and selecting 'Create', and how users can select 'copy selection to another lightbox' in the image options drop-down menu to organise saved images. Users can also select 'Export selection as PDF' to download selected images.

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