Editorial Board

The following scholars and academics have provided feedback, advice and written content for Church Missionary Society Periodicals, for which we are very grateful:


Dr. Phillip A. Cantrell, II

Associate Professor of World, Asian and African History, Longwood University


Paul Jenkins

Private scholar, formerly Basel Mission archivist 1972-2003, lecturer in African History at the University of Basel concurrently from 1989-2003, and co-leader of a project to radically increase conservation and access in the Basel Mission archives photo collection


Dr. Emily J. Manktelow

Lecturer in British Imperial History, University of Kent


Professor David Maxwell

Dixie Professor of Ecclesiastical History, Cambridge University


R. David Rightmire, PhD

Professor of Theology, Asbury University


Wilbert R. Shenk, PhD

Senior Professor of Mission History and Contemporary Culture, Fuller Graduate School of Intercultural Studies, Pasadena, California


Professor Brian Stanley

Professor of World Christianity at the University of Edinburgh


Lane Sunwall

PhD Candidate of British and Imperial History, University of Wisconsin-Madison