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Title The Church Missionary Gleaner
Volume Number 1
Issue Date Apr 1874
Keywords agriculture, baby, baptism, birth, blindness, Buddhism, camp, catechist, chaplain, chief, children, civilisation, clergy, colonialism, colonists, colony, committee, conflict, convert, correspondence, deacon, death, disease, drought, education, emigration, European missionaries, evangelism, family, famine, gospel, government, Hindu, hunting, idol, Indians, Islam, Jesus, jewellery, justice, Maori, medical mission, medicine, medicine man, memoir, migration, mission house, Mohammedan, monarch, money, morality, murder, Native American, Native Church, Old Testament, ordination, pastor, pilgrimage, plants, poem, port, prayer, preaching, prison, Protestant, Puritan, race, rail, recruitment, sacrifice, salvation, school, secretary, servant, service, sex, ship, slavery, steamboat, Sunday School, superstition, surgery, teaching, The Bible, trade, translation, transport, trial, tribe, university, war, widow, wife, women, Yoruba, youth
Names Hunter, James; Marsden, Samuel; Williams, William
Countries Australia; Canada; China; East Timor; Haiti; Hong Kong; India; Japan; Jordan; Madagascar; Mauritius; Mozambique; New Zealand; Nigeria; Pakistan; Seychelles; Sierra Leone; Singapore; Sri Lanka; United Kingdom
Places Africa; Al-Salt; Chennai; Cumberland House; Dili; Diocese of Saskatchewan; Fairford, Canada; Guangzhou; Hong Kong; Ibadan; Kandy; Kolkata; Lahore; London; Nashik; Nepowewin; Ningbo; North America; Osaka; Punjab; Rome; Seychelles Islands; Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte; Tirunelveli; Touchwood Hills; Travancore; Wellington; Whanganui River; Zhenjiang
Produced By Church Missionary Society
Place of Publication London
Other Titles
Library Crowther Mission Studies Library
Copyright Church Mission Society
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